Where do you place your tenderness?

If they were to call for you,
would you come?
If they were to beckon,
would you flinch?

Would you tell them there are
certain things we can only
meet in the shadows –
between the hours where
the sun and moon overlap?

And if they were a Minotaur,
would you become the labyrinth?
Or is it the other way around?
I never remember anymore.
But, if you were the Minotaur,
what would be the labyrinth?

What if they were to write a book
on how to write a book about changing form?
Would you write of all the Gods that
are raging in your blood?

If they were to hand you flame,
would you swallow it,
let it scorch your throat
as the endless fires before?
Or were you always the flame?
I can’t remember anymore.

Which direction do you face to howl
when the moon is full?
Would you tell them the moon
isn’t always full when you’re howling?

And if they made you choose,
would you be the wolf,
or the wind that carried its cry?

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