Longing Can Turn Anything into a God

When was our time?
How did I not notice it passing?
I hear the rain on the pavement and I remember Delft
I smell ice in the air,
see the big orange moon hanging by the church


Middle of the night, but this city is brimming with light
I no longer see you in everything
my glasses fog from the humidity
or the rage
I dress in


When did we perish? white1
In our bed/ on our balcony/ in the tub
I feel the wind sting my cheeks,
shut my eyes
and they fill with
red red red
in the shape of your head thrown back,
laughing because
suffering feels holy


I am alone,
yet not alone enough to be close to God


Into something so strange we have become.
an echo that grows fainter/
as fleeting as the train I’m leaving on

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